What is "Been There"?

"Been There" enables you to save your best photo of each landmark and share your collection with others. This not only saves valuable memories for you, but also gives you the ability to showcase your portfolio to others.

Who should use "Been There"?

This app is made for everybody who is into photography or traveling (or both). Doesn't matter if you only want to keep track of all the landmarks you visited, or impress your friends with your awesome photos - this app is for everyone.

How are landmarks detected?

Once you upload a photo, there is a Machine Learning process happening behind the scenes. This means, that we do not need any location data from you, but only the image itself to detect any landmark on said image. Once the algorithm is confident enough about a specific landmark, it will be assigned to your account.

There was no landmark detected, but I am sure the photo included a landmark!

As previously mentioned, landmarks are recognized based on image recognition and a corresponding confidence score. If you are sure you made a photo of a landmark but it is not being detected, it may be due to the fact, that the algorithm was not confident enough to assign the photo to a specific landmark. It may help to upload another photo, where the landmark is more clear or from a different angle. Uploading the same photo again will not help, unless some time has passed and the Machine Learning algorithm has been improved by then.

What login method shall I use?

We generally suggest using a social login method (Facebook/Google). Doing so makes it easier for you to login and we can directly accesskey your public information like your name and the profile picture.. If you don't have an account for any of the provided social logins or just don't want to use it, you can also use the basic login. Note, that we will never post anything on behalf of your account and won't load any information about you, you didn't approve. The permissions needed are as limited as possible.

What data are you saving about me?

We take privacy very serious. This is one of the reasons, why we save as little information as possible about you. With great data comes great responsibility and also mentionable hardware requirements, so we will try to keep this at a minimum.

What are tokens?

As much, as we like to make the service unrestricted and free for everyone, we need to cover the costs for the backend. Consequently, there need to be some form of business model. Every time you upload a photo of a landmark, you spend one token to do so. Tokens are refreshed on a regular basis and you can also choose to buy additional tokens or watch an advertisement instead of spending a token.

What happens to the free tokens if I purchase additional ones?

Buying tokens will work completely in your favour. When you upload a photo, we will first expend your free tokens. Once the free tokens are gone, the purchased ones will be used. Also, you will regularly receive the same amount of free tokens, regardless of whether you purchased additional tokens or not.

I can't upload my photo, why is this?

To prevent users to upload copyrighted images from the internet, we intend to check, if the uploaded image is from a trustworthy source. We also want the images to look as natural as possible limit the amount of filters and image manipulation as much as possible.

Are there any upcoming features planned?

Despite improving the existing features based on your feedback, there are some quality of life features in the pipeline. A mentionable one is Google Maps Clustering, to make markers which are geographically close to each other not overlap.

What frameworks are you using to develop this app?

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions, feedback or inquiries, feel free to contact me directly:

Thomas Anderl